Writing an Effective Resume Objective

Any individual who wants to apply for a particular job position has to frame or draft a resume or curriculum vitae for himself. A resume is a formal document which has the details of the applicant’s personal information, educational qualifications, work experience and other skills and attributes. Along with these details, a resume must also consist of a resume objective.

A resume objective is a statement which is used by applicants to describe their career objective or goal. The statement also explains how the given job will help him/her to achieve the respective career objective. To write a resume objective, the following points must be kept in mind.

  • The tone used in a resume objective must be formal and polite.
  • A resume objective statement must be written with a confidence but one should not cross the thin barrier between confidence and over confidence while writing this important statement.
  • A resume objective statement must be brief and should not waver away from the main purpose of writing it. Ideally, a resume objective statement must not take more than 3 lines.
  • Any person writing a resume objective must keep in mind that this statement is meant to state why the applicant is suitable for the given job position and how this job can help him/her to reach to the career goal or objective.
  • Any resume objective statement must be written within one sentence or maximum in two sentences. Giving more than two sentences will make the resume objective statement lengthy and over extended.
  • One can mention his/her skills or qualification details in a brief manner while writing the reason for applying to the job position.
  • A brief hint about the work experience possessed by the applicant can also be mentioned in the resume objective statement.

Thus with the help of these points , one can frame an effective resume objective.

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