What to write for objective on resume for students

A student is a beginner and does not have any or much work experience in a particular field. But they often need to work as interns in their line of work to build their portfolio and gather skills and for that they need to make their mark in the professional field. The objective in the resume gives the employer an idea of what the student has in mind, if he has a future with the company, does he have any specific career plans, how focused he is and what are his work ethics.

The objective is an important statement because if written properly it tells us a lot about the applicant and gives the employer an idea of whether he is right for the job or not. Hence the student must take extra care to form an effective resume objective, since he does not have a lot of qualifications or work experience.

Here are a few things one can write as objective on resume for students:

  • Decide the kind of impression you want to make on the employer and what you want him to think about and set the tone of the objective accordingly
  • Do your homework about the company you are applying to and frame the sentence depending on how formal or casual the company is
  • Identify yourself clearly mentioning your stream of studies like management, sales etc and the role you are looking for like entry-level, internship etc.
  • Briefly mention your skills in the course of the sentence and how you will utilize those skills in your workplace, thereby contributing to the organization
  • Since you are a beginner, no one expects you to have a lot of skills or work experience but you should show your willingness to learn and can say things like you are a quick learner and can adapt quickly

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