What makes a good resume objective

Any person who is interested in applying for a particular job position in a company or an organization must write a resume for himself. A resume is a document which speaks about the applicant’s skills, academic qualifications, work experience, awards, recognitions etc. By reading a resume, the employer decides whether or not the candidate is suitable for the given job position.

The most important part of a resume is the resume objective. A resume objective is a statement which is used by an applicant to describe his career goal or dream to the employer. There are certain things that can help make a good resume objective. A few of these tips have been mentioned in the following lines.

  • To make a good resume objective, a person must always have a clear idea about his/her career goal or objective. He/she should also be clear about the reason why he/she has applied for the given job title. Once these points are known, they can be written in the resume objective.
  • A good resume objective is one which does not take up more than 2 or 3 lines. It must be kept crisp and brief in length and should not divert away from its main purpose.
  • Any person writing a resume objective should keep in mind that the skills, qualifications and work experience should be entered very briefly so that the employer can get a hint about the applicant’s suitability for the job.
  • A resume objective statement must sound confident and should be written with a certain surety. If the statement comes across as confusing to the employer, then it can decrease a few points from the applicant’s report card.
  • Another thing which will help you frame a good resume objective is the fact that it must be written in not more than 2 sentences.

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