What is Resume objective?

One may often come across a title at the top of a resume which says ‘objective’. This is the resume objective which basically means what the candidate’s goals are and how he plans to achieve them.

Although it is written from the candidate’s point of view, the employer gets a lot of information only from the resume objective.

By going through the candidate’s personal targets, the employer gets to know if the candidate possesses the right attitude and required skills which are needed for the particular job position.

The resume objective is usually written by students and new comers as they do not have any past work experience and so need to present their goals in the resume so that their employer gets an idea of their aspirations.

However, even senior-level employees write a resume objective, and in this case it helps the candidate chalk out his career goals and mention what he is looking for, and lets the employer also decide whether the post is right for this candidate or not.

A resume objective helps a candidate to grab the attention of the employer, as the latter has to go through so many resumes daily, and if the objective stands out, he tends to remember the applicant too.

One must be sincere and honest while writing the resume because the candidate may be asked in the interview about it and so although one needs to highlight one’s skills and plans, they must corroborate that with what they say so that the employer has an over-all good impression.

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