What is a Technical Resume Objective

A technical job is a job which involves technical skills and expertise to handle a particular task which is generally related to computers, softwares, or any other technique based operation.

Technical jobs are quite common in each field or industry and any person who is involved with a technical job is said to possess ‘hard skills’ which are different from soft skills such as personality traits or character specifications.

Any person who wishes to be employed at a technical job position must prepare a strong and convincing resume or CV for himself. This resume consists of a statement of purpose, work objective or career goal which is known as a technical resume objective.

A technical resume objective is basically a resume objective defining the technical skills, qualifications possessed by the candidate who is seeking the technical job.

The resume objective basically tries to convey the aim with which the candidate has applied for the job position and the kinds of goal he/she wishes to attain through it.

A technical resume objective specifies the technical skills which make the candidate suitable for the duties associated with the job position.

A technical resume objective can be of different types and can focus on different attributes of the candidate. These types are differentiated on the nature of the technical job. The following are a few categories of technical resume objectives:

  • Technical writer resume objective
  • Technical assistant resume objective
  • Technical manager resume objective
  • Technical consultant resume objective


A technical resume objective must be a statement which covers all the points or objectives of the candidate in not more than 3 lines. It must compile the skills, areas of expertise, educational qualifications and experience details of the candidate within these few lines and must not be stretched beyond a certain limit.

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