What is a Student Resume Objective

A student resume objective is one of the foremost elements in the resume of a student. It reflects, in a nutshell, the attitude of the student in pursuing a particular coursework or a module or to do an internship or participating in a study program of a university.

It must be appealing to the academic fraternity and the admission committee of the concerned institute.

The student resume objective must essentially have an introductory essence to let the readers know about the willingness of the student to study sincerely.

The nature of the student resume objective depends on a number of factors that a student must always keep in his mind at the time of preparing the resume. A few of those are as following –

  • The level of education that the student is seeking. The resume objective statement must be prepared accordingly at the time of applying to attend a high school or applying to a community college or applying to a university for undergraduate studies or focusing on the graduate/post-graduate programs of a particular university.
  • The type of educational institute where he is applying to study a full course or to attend a particular program for few days. A resume objective for a community college and for an Ivy League university will not be the same statement.
  • Although not compulsory, but many times the nature of the student resume objective depends on the type of stream which the student has. The resume objective for an English student will be different from the resume objective of a mechanical engineering student.

From general perspective, the student resume objective must try to encompass these features

  • Written in simple English words.
  • Avoiding the usage of flowery language.
  • Formatted in a lucid way in order to be more appealing.

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