What is a good objective for a college resume

A college student needs to create a resume and write a resume objective because he may be looking for an internship or a side job along with his studies to make his CV strong, learn new skills and get some work experience in his field. His resume and objective is equally important as any other candidate and he has to take extra care to make it sound solid and believable because he does not have a lot of qualifications and skills to write about. Since the employer also does not expect a lot from the candidate in terms of experience, the college student should focus on his professional goals and aspirations and what he plans to do in the future so that the employer gets some idea of the work attitude of the student.

Here are a few points that can be included when creating a college resume:

  • First think about what you want to achieve in your professional life or at least think of a short-term goal with respect to this particular job you are applying for. Once you are clear about that, you can base your objective on this
  • Since you do not have much to elaborate on, you should try to make your objective statement show your enthusiasm and motivation about your field so that the employer knows you have the interest and energy required to do the job
  • You can also mention your willingness to learn, to adjust to all situations and the fact that you are quick to pick up instructions which makes the employer consider you not as a liability to the organization
  • You should describe your goals and professional aspirations and what you want to once you get your degree because there are many companies who want to know about your plan for the future

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