Tips for writing an objective on a resume

When an employer reads a resume, the first thing he sees is your objective and so while writing the objective you must make sure that you make a good impression by telling the employer what you want to do in your career and how you will contribute towards the organization. The objective is a way of telling the interviewer what your professional aspirations and dreams are and by reading it, the employer also gets an idea of your work ethics, skills and gets to decide if you are the right person for the job or not.

Here are a few tips that you can apply when you are writing an objective on a resume:

  • First think of what impression you want to make or what you want the employer to think of you when he reads the objective and create the statement accordingly
  • Every job has certain tasks which require particular skills. Make sure you highlight those skills and how you plan to utilize them so that the employer thinks you will be useful for the job
  • Do not give vague statements but be clear about your goals and ambitions. Also make sure that the objective is not very long and should have a only a couple of sentences so that the employer remembers what you said
  • Be realistic and at the same time do not be afraid of writing what your ambition is. It is ok to have a vision and as long as you have the necessary qualifications, skills and ability to support that vision, the employer will be pleased to see your drive and motivation
  • All your resumes need not have the same objective; customize the statement depending on the job you are applying for so that you can show you have the right skills suitable for the job

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