Telecom Technician Resume Objective

A telecom technician is an individual who is hired by a telecom company for the installation, repair and service of internet connections, telephone lines, Cable connections etc. A telecom technician resume objective is a resume objective statement of an individual who is interested in applying for the job of a telecom technician in a telecom company. The statement throws light on the reason for application and the goal of the applicant as far as the career is concerned. Given below are a few samples of telecom technician resume objective statements that can be taken into use of reference by any person.

Telecom technician resume objective 1: to work as a telecom technician in a reputed and respected telecom company so that I can use my training of 6 months and my exceptional knowledge of this field in the right manner. I wish to work towards my goal of becoming a telecom service manager by working at the job position.

Telecom technician resume objective 2: seeking the job position of a telecom technician in a challenging work setting wherein I would be able to carry on a number of different duties so as to expand my domain of knowledge and polish my exceptional working skills.

Telecom technician resume objective 3: I am looking for the job position of a telecom technician in a telecom organisation which believes in promoting new employees and giving them with the kind of training that would help them move a long way in the field.

Telecom technician resume objective 4: I am looking for a challenging position of a telecom technician in a company which would help me realize my own potential and help me to work towards my career goal. I want to showcase my hardworking nature, skills and troubleshooting abilities and also excel at whatever I do.

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