Staff Nurse Resume Objective

A staff nurse resume objective is written by a registered nurse who wants to apply for the post of a staff nurse in a hospital, clinic, school, community-based centers or children’s’ camps by highlighting his or her skills, goals and professional aspirations. A staff nurse has many responsibilities and needs to monitor the health of the people present in the place where he works. Depending on where he is employed, the duties of the staff nurse will vary. The resume objective should be written keeping in mind the place of employment and what they might expect from a staff nurse.

Staff Nurse Resume Objective 1:

To work as a staff nurse in a well-established hospital where I can use my medical knowledge, organizational and communication skills to work with patients and also keep track of medical supplies etc

Staff Nurse Resume Objective 2:

Seeking a challenging role as a staff nurse which shall allow me to contribute towards a reputed nursing home by letting me work with patients and assigning me administrative duties related to nursing

Staff Nurse Resume Objective 3:

To use my skilled medical expertise and caring attitude in working as a staff nurse in your organization where I shall follow the nursing tasks assigned to me besides providing care to the patients

Staff Nurse Resume Objective 4:

Aim to use my knowledge and skills as a staff nurse and work with patients in your community center and monitor their health by providing the necessary care, give counsel and make them aware of safe health practices

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