Sous Chef Resume Objective

‘Sous’ stands for under in French and hence a Sous chef is a chef who works under the head chef in a kitchen of a restaurant or other setting. A Sous chef resume objective is a statement which is written in a resume of a person who is applying for the position of a Sous chef in a restaurant or some other kitchen.

The resume objective statement must be effective enough to let the employer know about the various skills and qualifications possessed by the chef and the kind of experience he/she has.

If you are looking for reference, then the following given samples of Sous chef resume objectives will be very useful for you:

Sous Chef Resume Objective 1

I aim to work in a top restaurant as a Sous chef so as to extend my expertise, helping hand and my rich experience and utilize my exceptional qualifications and cooking skills for the benefit of the restaurant and its image.

Sous Chef Resume Objective 2

I am looking for a dynamic and challenging job position of a Sous chef in a reputed restaurant which will give me a chance to exercise my exceptional skills, my superb cooking style, my passion for creativity in cooking and my ability to lead a team of cooks. I am sure I will prove to be an asset for the restaurant and a great companion for the head chef.

Sous Chef Resume Objective 3

I am seeking the job position of a Sous chef in a top class restaurant of a 5 star hotel where I would get a chance to showcase my cooking skills, innovative cooking ideas and my extensive experience in the world cuisine. I wish to contribute to the success of the restaurant by rendering my services as well as my time and dedication.

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