Should career objectives be included in a resume

Career objectives are written in a resume primarily to give the employer an idea of what the candidate plans to do in the future and if he has the skills required to a particular job. It also shows that the candidate is serious and focused about his profession and has a short-term or long-term plan on how to progress in this field.

This helps to make a good impression on the employer because it shows commitment, motivation and drive which are all good qualities to have and speak positively about the candidate’s character and work ethics. Some people, however, feel that writing career objectives in a resume are pointless because here the candidate is only saying something which can or cannot be corroborated or supported by itself. His credentials instead say a lot more about his skills and experience.

Here are some points by which we will discuss whether career objectives should be included in a resume or not:

  • Some companies want to know more about you and your plans and in that case writing the objective helps because they can already see your qualifications but want to know about your ambition which is reflected in the objective
  • Some employers feel that writing an objective does not say much about a person’s conviction and anyone can write lofty words. But it does give an idea of what the candidate wants to in life and if written properly it can tell the interviewer more about the candidate
  • Also if you are applying for a general job, by mentioning the career objective you are ruling out the kind of roles you do not want and it makes it easier for the recruiter to find out a job for you
  • The objective also helps the employer know if you possess the right skills and attitude for the job

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