Security Guard Resume Objective

Security guard resume objective is a resume objective of a person who is interested in becoming a security guard for a company, person or organisation. A security guard resume objective must give the aim or objective of the candidate and must also give an introduction of the skills and qualifications which make the candidate suitable for the job. A security guard is required to guard or protect a property or place and avoid any kind of forceful entry of any person or an object which is not allowed in the premises. Given below are a few sample security guard resume objectives for your reference purpose.

Security guard resume objective 1: a skilled and experienced guard looking for the job position of a security guard in a bank wherein I would be able to use my long working experience as a guard effectively and be able to protect the bank from any unwanted individual.

Security guard resume objective 2: I wish to work as a security guard of a college or educational institution so that I can use my skills of attentiveness, ability to be awake for long hours and my eye of observance in a fruitful way. I wish to protect the educational centre from any infiltration or unlawful activity.

Security guard resume objective 3:  an experienced and observant individual looking for the job position of a security guard in a company which would give me an opportunity to use my attentiveness and knowledge of guarding premises in the most fruitful manner.

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