Seaman Resume Objective

A seaman’s work include measuring the depth of water, giving information to the crew of the ship and the bridge, handle different types of gear, look for any obstruction in the path of the ship, steer the ship when needed, paint and instruct the cleaning staff of the ship and also take care in the loading and off loading of the cargo.

A Seaman Resume Objective highlights the physical fitness of the person and his ability to work in any conditions and with different people.

Seaman Resume Objective 1:

Looking for the job of a Seaman where I can put my experience of assisting the cleanliness staff and also act as a helmsman when I am required to do so and can operate the machinery of the ships like the winches and the windlass and maintain the ship.

Seaman Resume Objective 2:

I am a person who is physically fit and very active and the post of a Seaman would give me the opportunity to carry out any deck related work like sewing, repairing, and painting and assist the cast and crew of the ship in any work and also work on the gears of the ship.

Seaman Resume Objective 3:

I wish to work as a Seaman where I will be given the responsibility to work on the various operations like running, rigging of the ship along with taking care and charge of the cargo in its loading process and also take care of the lifeboats and assist the passengers in case there is a need to use them.

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