Resume Objective Writing

A resume consists of educational, professional and basic information about a candidate, but in an age of competition, the employer only has a few minutes to scan CVs.

And so it is important to write a distinct and powerful resume objective because that is the first thing an employer will read and will help create a positive first impression.

There are no fixed tips for resume objective writing; the rules vary according to the job one has applied for. However, there are certain common things which can be kept in mind while writing the objective.

  • The objective sets the tone of the resume, it is like the title or statement which lets the employer know what to expect from the candidate and so it should highlight the candidate’s skills and show how he will be able to apply the skills into his work, thereby helping the company
  • Since the main goal of writing an objective is to grab the attention of the employer, it must be short and concise and not lengthy or wordy as they employer would lose interest if it takes up a lot of his time
  • Before writing the resume one needs to find out what the employer wants from the candidate for a particular post and based on that he should write the resume, focusing on points which would make the employer think that the candidate will be a valuable addition to the company
  • Lastly, be sincere in writing your resume, do not use lofty statements which you cannot support in an interview

Thus with the above given points resume writing will be effective.

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