Resume Objective Template

A resume objective has to written according to the designation and job sector one has applied for. Some basic rules can, however, be applied while writing an objective no matter what the job field is.

When one is applying at the entry-level, he can focus on the course work or assignments he has covered or any extracurricular activity he has participated in and also mention his work skills and principles.

For senior level jobs he may mention his past experience and expertise.

For an entry-level job, one can use the following resume objective template:

“Aim to secure an entry level position in (state job field) where I can use my (name skills possessed) and also my qualifications in the field of (state educational background) to contribute towards the development and increase the productivity of the organization”

For a senior-level job, one can use the following resume objective template:

“Looking to use my experience in (state job field) along with my expertise at (state added knowledge) and combine it with my (name qualities) which will further my career growth and also help me lead and motivate my team members and boost the profitability of the company”

For a student resume, this template may be used:

“Seeking a chance to put to use my skills acquired as a student of (state field of education or course) and practically apply it according to the requirements of the company which will give me a chance to learn and grow professionally and also give an opportunity to contribute towards the company through my (name work skills)

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