Resume Objective Example

A resume objective helps to show an employer that the candidate is focused about his job and has a well-defined career objective. It also tells the employer that he understands and is familiar with the sector and thus will contribute to the company.

Stating a resume objective is not compulsory, rather its is optional and should be written if one is new to the field and wants to make a statement about his vision or if one is clear about how he looks to fit into the company.

One should be very clear about his employ career goal and express it briefly and in a concise manner.

The resume objective examples listed below will help us understand better:

An objective for a job related to the administration of a company would include this:

“Looking for an administrative post in an esteemed organization where I can utilize my qualifications, experience and work skills for boosting the profit of the company.

I hope my organizational skills and aptitude for numbers will help in managing the work more efficiently and in looking after the administration smoothly”

An objective for a job related to the field of banking would include this:

“Seeking a job which gives me chance to exercise my experience in the field of banking, to apply my knowledge and analytical skills and to utilize my leadership and managerial skills for the achieving the goals and targets of the bank”

These objective examples help to set the tone of the resume and positively grab the attention of the employer.

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