Quantity Surveyor Resume Objective

A quantity surveyor resume objective is a statement of purpose of an individual who has applied for the job position of a quantity surveyor in a company. A quantity surveyor generally works for manufacturing companies and is required to see to it that all the money is well utilized and tries to minimize the costs of production and manufacturing etc. a quantity surveyor resume objective defines the goals of the individual and focuses upon his aspirations. If you are someone who wishes to write such a resume objective, then the following given samples of quantity surveyor resume objectives shall be of extreme help for you.

Quantity surveyor resume objective 1: a skilled, educated and extensively experienced individual looking for the job position of a quantity surveyor in a prestigious manufacturing company wherein employees are trusted upon and given enough opportunities to grow professionally.

Quantity surveyor resume objective 2: looking for a job title of a quantity surveyor in a production company which helps me to polish and improve my skills and also encourages me to perform in the best possible way. I have a working experience of 5 years and also the right amount of education for this job.

Quantity surveyor resume objective 3: my aim is to become a successful quantity surveyor in a company which gives me the space to grow and showcase my caliber, talent and skills to the world. I wish to work really hard to benefit the company.

Quantity surveyor resume objective 4: seeking the job title of a quantity surveyor in a well known manufacturing company where work ethic is respected and potential is recognized. I am willing to work hard and do my best for the success of the organisation.

Quantity surveyor resume objective 5: to work as a quantity surveyor in a work set up that motivates me to perform to the best of my potential.

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