Practicing Nurse’s Resume Objective

A practicing nurse plays an important role in healthcare. He or she has to reassure families, assist doctors and take most of the responsibility for patient welfare.

Thus a lot of training and dedication to the craft is required and this should be brought out by a practicing nurse’s resume objective.

Practicing Nurse’s Resume Objective 1:

I want to work in a reputed hospital or clinic and thus utilize my degree in nursing to the utmost. I am a licensed practicing nurse with orthopedic being my field of preference.

Practicing Nurse’s Resume Objective 2:

My three years of working in the largest hospital of my area adds a considerable advantage to my job profile. I am careful with my work and can administer medicines in correct dosages without hassle.

Practicing Nurse’s Resume Objective 3:

I hope to contribute to society in any small way I can. I sincerely like helping patients and their families with reassurance and warmth and this goes a long way in alleviating pain.

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