Nursing Student’s Resume Objective

A nursing student plays a critical role in healthcare. He or she not only must excel academically, but also translate theory into practice in the best way possible.

A nursing student’s resume objective must highlight his or her competence as a nurse and also mention the areas in which they are particularly proficient.

Nursing Student’s Resume Objective 1:

I am currently on the verge of completing my degree in nursing and I hope to find a position which will allow me to capitalize on the experience I gathered at college. I am a recipient of numerous scholarships and I hope to specialize in CPR.

Nursing Student’s Resume Objective 2:

I am a dedicated and sincere proponent of this craft. I have what it takes to be an efficient nurse and I have already assisted in a number of major operations as a trainee.

Nursing Student’s Resume Objective 3:

I hope to contribute to society through my craft. My profession not only eases suffering and distress but also makes a positive contribution to people’s lives.

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