Nursing Intern Resume Objective

A nursing intern is on the verge of entering the world of complex healthcare. He or she must be prepared for the hardships and long hours the profession requires.

A nursing intern resume objective must emphasize on the candidate’s awareness of the nuances of the job and his or her preparedness to enter the service.

Nursing Intern Resume Objective 1:

I want to be appointed as a nurse intern in a reputed hospital in order to maximize my academic pursuits in nursing. I want to enter the profession with an awareness of my challenges.

Nursing Intern Resume Objective 2:

I have specialized in neonatal care and my contribution in this particularly critical department will be significant if I am appointed as a nurse intern. I am trained, dedicated and efficient and theses qualities are crucial in a field like nursing.

Nursing Intern Resume Objective 3:

I hope to use my communication skills to reassure parents and family members. This I believe is also an important part of a nurse’s work.

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