Nursery Nurse Resume Objective

A nursery nurse resume objective must focus on the critical nursing skills of the candidate.

The special needs of infants and the mother’s post natal health are dependent on a nursery nurse and this requires not only training, but also a lot of experience and the ability to face crunch situations with poise and equanimity.

Nursery Nurse Resume Objective 1:

I want to work in a household where my years of experience as nursing assistant in the pediatric department of leading hospitals will come into use and play an important role.

Nursery Nurse Resume Objective 2:

I am trained to work with ill newborns and I am aware of the kind of work expected of me. I am patient and dedicated and my love for infants also adds an added advantage to my profile as a nursery nurse.

Nursery Nurse Resume Objective 3:

I have excellent communication skills and can reassure parents about the health of their babies, r discuss with them if a critical problem arises.

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