.Net Programmer Resume Objective

A .Net professional’s resume objective must focus on highlighting his professional skills, achievements and abilities in the web and software development field.

A .Net professional’s work responsibilities include participating in various phases of development of a project, working on all the phases of SDLC and developing software programs, application etc.

.Net Programmer Resume Objective 1:

As a .Net developer, my career objective is to successfully design the software applications that leave a positive impact on users and clients. I am proficient in using HTML, PHP, ASP.net, MYSQL, and Oracle for the project development.

.Net Programmer Resume Objective 2:

I want to obtain a job position in the capacity of .Net programmer, where my programming skills and abilities can be utilized by the organization to achieve excellence in the field of software development.

.Net Programmer Resume Objective 3:

My aim is to develop useful software projects with the help of my extensive experience and skills in Web development and the use of structured Query language with database management, and with HTML, ASP and JSP.

.Net Programmer Resume Objective 4: As a .NET programmer, I want to emerge as a web development professional and contribute to the organizations objective by contributing my services in a result oriented sustainable manner leading to achievement of desired outcomes of the organization.

.Net Programmer Resume Objective 5:

I wish to work as .Net Programmer in a growing organization where I can get opportunity to achieve professional growth and career satisfaction and take up challenging assignments in the field of web development as a .NET professional.

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