Kitchen Assistant Resume Objective

A kitchen assistant resume objective is written by a person who is looking to work as a kitchen assistant in a restaurant or hotel where he helps the chefs and servers maintain fast and good services. The kitchen assistant has many roles to play and is assigned a wide variety of tasks by the people he is working with.

He needs to be aware of the safety and sanitation standards and follow all the rules and regulations while working in the kitchen. Besides keeping the kitchen clean, he also helps the chefs with minor tasks like chopping vegetables or cleaning the garbage. The resume objective must mention his skills, experience and knowledge.

Kitchen Assistant Resume Objective 1:

Looking for the position of a kitchen assistant in a leading restaurant where I get to help the kitchen staff with whatever duties they assign me to and also improve my skills by learning from them

Kitchen Assistant Resume Objective 2:

To use my skills and experience in assisting the kitchen staff by working as a kitchen assistant in a respectable hotel or restaurant

Kitchen Assistant Resume Objective 3:

Seeking a job as a kitchen assistant in a restaurant where I can use my knowledge of hygiene standards and apply them in following the instructions of the chefs in the kitchen and help them by peeling and chopping vegetables and keeping the general work area clean

Kitchen Assistant Resume Objective 4:

To work as a kitchen assistant where I can contribute towards the restaurant showing my excellent organizational ability and by maximizing productivity

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