Journalist Resume Objective

A journalist is a person who holds a journalism degree or education and is required to find and frame news pieces. Any person with a journalism degree and who wishes to become journalist in a company must have a strong and powerful resume with a well framed resume objective.

A journalist resume objective is the career goal or objective of a person wishing to become a journalist. The resume objective must focus on the skills and qualifications of the candidate and must clearly define the goal of the journalist.

Given below are a few samples of a journalist resume objective which can be used by anyone for reference purpose.

Journalist resume objective 1: A talented and qualified individual seeking a job position of a journalist in a media organization wherein I would be able to work towards my goal of becoming a famous and popular media personality.

Journalist resume objective 2: looking for a job position of a journalist in a news channel which would give me a chance to use my journalism skills and my knowledge of various other subjects in a way which is fruitful for the news channel and also for my own growth as a journalist.

Journalism resume objective 3: I wish to work in a magazine group which is made up of motivated employees at a challenging job position of a journalist so that I can move closer to my aim of becoming a popular and successful journalist in a well establishes company or magazine set up.

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