ICU Nurse Resume Objective

ICU nurse resume objective is the resume objective of an individual who is qualified enough to become an ICU nurse and is applying for the same position in a hospital or other medical centre or facility.  Any ICU nurse resume objective is basically a statement that defines the purpose of the applicant and the reason for applying for the particular job post or position. These statements must be written briefly and should focus on the skills and qualifications of the applicant as well. Given below are a few samples of ICU nurse resume objectives which can be used for any individual.

ICU nurse resume objective 1:

Looking for the job of an ICU nurse in a medical centre which will give me a chance to exercise my exceptional talent at nursing and utilize my long working experience in this field. I wish to contribute my time in the service of the others.

ICU nurse resume objective 2:

to work in a well recognized and reputed hospital as an ICU nurse so that I can use my skill set for the benefit of the patients and the hospital. I am qualified enough to be able to handle the duties of this position and also have the required experience.

ICU nurse resume objective 3:

seeking a job as an ICU nurse in a hospital which is reputed and respected and is focused upon serving the patients. I wish to be a part of the group which gives its contribution in the well being of others.

ICU Nurse resume objective 4:

I wish to take a challenging position of an ICU nurse in a hospital with modern day methods of treatment so that I can show my care to people and also help doctors treat patients. I am extremely skilled and well qualified for this job.

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