Human Resource Manager Resume Objective

A company’s most valuable assets are the people working for it. A human resource manager is the person who is responsible for looking after the HR department of the company. A human resource manager has to look after the employment of the workers, developing their potential and maintaining and molding their services to meet the company’s requirement. Thus a human resource manager resume objective should state the qualities that will fulfill these responsibilities.

Human resource manager resume objective 1:

As the human resource manager for this company it will be my prerogative to ensure that I carry out my duties of hiring, supervising, training and firing of staff to the best of my judgment.

Human resource manager resume objective 2:

I will strive to oversee all employee related issues and settle complaints and grievances in a sensitive manner with minimum harm to the company’s image.

Human resource manager resume objective 3:

One of the main duties of a human resource manager is to promote an atmosphere of well being in the office and resolve conflicts to improve the moral of the workers to ensure optimum productivity. I think I will be able to achieve the same.

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