Horticulturist Resume Objective

A Horticulturist is a person who is involved in the science and research of plant cultivation through genetic engineering, plant breeding, crop production, cutting tubers and planting of seeds.

A Horticulturist Resume Objective is supposed to reflect the candidate’s interest and basic knowledge in the field of plant cultivation, plant physiology etc.

Horticulturist Resume Objective 1:-

As a horticulturalist my primary objective will be to work towards an increase in crop yield which is a constant requisite in every country.

Horticulturist Resume Objective 2:-

As a horticulturist I will work towards the resistance of insects and pests and thus reduce the risk of diseases caused due to pesticides in crops.

Horticulturist Resume Objective 3:-

My researches in plant cultivation and the nutritional value might lead to significant results which might be revolutionary not just in the history of horticultural research but also in the way the plants impact human life and the environment in return.

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