Graphic Design Intern Resume Objective

The graphic design intern resume objective should stress on the knowledge of working with different design applications or software’s as well as the ability to create new designs from scratch using concepts.

The resume objective is like a prelude to the resume and hence it is important to provide a clear and concise statement that is relevant to the organization hiring interns.

It should talk loud about what a graphic design intern can provide using their skill sets and how their knowledge can help an organization to achieve their objectives.

Graphic Design Intern resume objective 1:

To assist existing design teams in the process of developing innovative ideas; to create and assist in implementation of inspiring designs and collaborate on the conceptualization of storyboards or mood boards for advertising agencies and clients of the organization.

Graphic Design Intern resume objective 2:

To contribute to the creative needs of an organization or advertising agency by using my knowledge in design applications to enhance the creation and implementation of different design concepts, branding vehicles, communication based designs for viewing across multiple media channels.

Graphic Design Intern resume objective 3:

To leverage my working knowledge of HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Flash and Action Script and a deep understanding of website design and online and offline branding to assist design teams in creating innovative advertisements and branding collateral for individual or corporate clients.

Graphic Design Intern resume objective 4:

To provide assistance, creative input, and insight to design and development team and to support all design requirements and client requirements by following best-practice guidelines and design and development standards.

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