Good Resume Objective

Resume objectives form a powerful statement that draws attention of the employer to the candidate and helps him understand what his aim and vision is.

Resume objectives are mostly used by students and entry-level applicants, although senior employees also express their goals through a resume objective.

In order to write a good resume objective, one must keep the following points in mind:

  • Brevity is the most important requirement of a good resume objective
  • It must be a focused, strong and concise statement which highlights your skills and attributes required for a particular post
  • A good resume objective must show your ambition but also portray how can you can contribute to the company
  • The objective must directly relate to the post one has applied for and it should be presented in such a way that the company sees you in a positive light
  • The objective needs to modified according to the post one has applied for and must not be repeated or merely copied from somewhere

For example, a person seeking a job in the advertising sector can write, “I aim to be a part of dynamic team which encourages the flow of innovative and out of the box ideas and allows me to grow professionally, adding value to the company and also to my career.”

These lines not only highlight the candidate’s skills but also express his goals and career objectives. At the same time, it shows how his contribution will be of help to the organization, which is what every organization looks for.

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