Farm Laborer Resume Objective

A farm labor is a person who is hired to work in the agriculture industry. He is generally hired to work on all kinds of farm sizes, from small family-run business to large farms that carry out agriculture business on a very large scale.

The work-type is permanent or seasonal. Different companies have different requirements of farm labors. To become a good and dependable farm labor you should be skilled enough in weeding, plucking and ploughing.

Besides this they also repair and maintain all kinds of farm instruments, paint building, repair fences, etc.Thus a farm laborer resume objective should showcase the skills and the experience of the candidate.

Farm Laborer resume objective 1: To become a successful farm worker in an established agriculture company that uses modern methods of farming. Seeking a position in an organization where my knowledge and skills are utilized to the fullest.

Farm Laborer resume objective 2: Seeking a position in a competitive environment where I am able to use my experience and knowledge to serve the required needs of a farm and improve in yielding good crops.

Farm Laborer resume objective 3: To seek a position as a seasonal farm labor where I can utilize my experience in providing a complete care for dairy herd that includes calf- raising, breeding, vaccinating, milking and feeding.

Farm Laborer resume objective 4: Looking for a job opportunity in one of the largest agricultural organization where I can utilize my experience of research in the field of genetic engineering, plant propagation, crop manufacture, breeding and farming as well as plant physiology.

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