How to write an Engineering Resume Objective

A engineering resume objective is a statement written by a person who wants to apply as an engineer in a particular field and uses the statement to highlight his skill, goals, areas of expertise, qualifications and technical knowledge in order to make a good impression on the employer. There are many types of engineering jobs like computer engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, robotics, civil or electrical engineering. Even in these divisions, there are sub-divisions where the employee may be adept in a particular type of computer language etc.

The content of the resume objective will chance accordingly and also depend on the position one is applying for. No matter what the position or sector it is, the applicant needs to highlight his knowledge of the subject, his qualifications and skills needed to do the job. The following points can be considered to make a good engineering resume objective:

  • Mention your expertise in the specific or general skills by mentioning it in the resume objective, like, Looking for a position as a Java software engineer’ or seeking employment in the field of electrical engineering
  • Senior level employees can highlight their past projects and achievements because these keys words helps the employer know about your capabilities and whether you will be a right addition to the company
  • Entry-level employees can focus on their qualifications, any internship or project conducted during vacations and how they plan to contribute towards the organization and learn more skills.
  • By sharing your goals or telling where you see yourself a few years from now, you give the employer an idea of your ambition and professional priorities and they can be convinced that it is a good idea to invest in you
  • Since it is a highly technical field, you must display your knowledge of general or specific matters in the engineering resume objective

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