Custodian Resume Objective

A custodian is a person who is appointed at construction sites or by construction companies to maintain the construction site by performing operations such as cleaning, sanitizing etc.

A custodian resume objective is a career goal or objective of any person who wishes to become a custodian.

The custodian resume objective has to be written in a resume that an aspiring custodian sends to possible companies.

The resume objective of a custodian must focus on the skills and experience possessed by the candidate along with giving an insight of his career goal or objective.

Given below are a few samples of custodian resume objectives.

Custodian resume objective 1: seeking a job position of a custodian in a reputed construction company where I would be able to help maintain a clean and tidy work set up and help the construction workers work in a sanitised environment.

Custodian resume objective 2: an experienced individual looking to work in a construction company so that I can showcase my talent and skills for maintaining a clean construction site singlehandedly and help the company to earn a reputation of being cleanliness conscious.

Custodian resume objective 3: looking for a job position of a custodian in a construction company which realises the importance of clean work set ups and gives me an opportunity to use my skills and experience of maintaining cleanliness and a tidy site.

Custodian resume objective 4: to work with a construction company wherein I would be able to apply my experience of cleaning and maintaining a construction site.

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