Civil Lawyer Resume Objective

A civil lawyer resume objective is written by a lawyer who wants to work on civil cases, as opposed to criminal cases, and where he writes his goals, ambitions, skills and knowledge in order to give the employer a glimpse of his expertise on legal affairs. His primary responsibility is to represent his client regarding a dispute between two or more parties which may refer to agreements, divorces, property damage, injuries and so on.

The civil lawyer may either represent the plaintiff (one who files the lawsuit) or the defendant (one who is being sued). His resume objective must mention his skills and qualifications required to do the job.

Civil Lawyer Resume Objective 1:

To work as a civil lawyer with a respectable law firm where I can work to the best of my abilities and get a chance to show my experience in handling civil law cases

Civil Lawyer Resume Objective 2:

Seeking the role of a civil lawyer in your esteemed organization where I am allowed to utilize my skills and experience in dealing with civil law cases through which I can grow professionally and also contribute towards the organization

Civil Lawyer Resume Objective 3:

Seeking a position of a civil lawyer with a well-established firm where I can not only create a position for myself but get a chance to show my skills and knowledge by handling civil legal cases

Civil Lawyer Resume Objective 4:

Aim to work as a civil lawyer where I can represent clients on cases ranging from property disputes to personal disputes

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