Certified Nursing Assistant Resume Objective

A certified nursing assistant or CNA is an individual who works in a medical facility such as a hospital, private clinic, medical center etc to provide medical and health care to people of all ages. A CNA works under the supervision of a nurse and performs day to day duties such as conducting tests, taking reports and helping out patients etc.

A certified nursing assistant resume objective is the resume objective of a person who wishes to get a job as a CNA in a medical facility. These statements form a part of the resume and must be written very precisely. A few samples of certified nursing assistant resume objectives are provided below.

Certified Nursing Assistant Resume Objective 1

Seeking the job position of a certified nursing assistant under an experienced nurse so that I can fulfill my dream of helping out medical patients and also showcase all my exceptional nursing skills and knowledge of nursing.

Certified Nursing Assistant Resume Objective 2

To be able to deliver my responsibilities as a CNA in utmost effectiveness and in such a way that I can help in improving the health and well being of the patients. I wish to be employed at a government hospital where less fortunate patients are admitted.

Certified Nursing Assistant Resume Objective 3

Looking for a challenging job of a certified nursing assistant in a hospital where I will get an opportunity to learn from the experience of senior nurses and doctors and also display my own educational, experience as well as nursing abilities.

Certified Nursing Assistant Resume Objective 4

An extremely caring and compassionate individual looking for the job position of a certified nursing assistant in a medical facility where patients are given utmost attention and where I will be able to learn and polish my nursing skills further.

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