Accounting Internship Resume Objective

An accounting internship involves working with a senior, where one has to assist in handling the accounts of the company.

Depending on the organization, one has to perform certain basic accounting duties and must be responsible for a number of tasks, and utilize this internship period as a learning experience.

Since an intern doesn’t have work experience, he should focus on his educational qualifications and skills.

Accounting clerk resume objective 1:

I aim to work for an organization where I can utilize my theoretical knowledge and apply them practically to gain experience and also contribute successfully to the company.

By observing and learning from my seniors, I wish to work with a professional group and use principles of accountancy, technical knowledge and perform my duties

Accounting clerk resume objective 2:

Seeking a position in a reputed company where I can utilize my internship period by learning and improving my skills for the benefit of the company

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