Category: Hospitality Resume Objectives

Restaurant General Manager Resume Objective

A restaurant general manager is a person or professional who handles the day to day managerial tasks of a restaurant and handles the supervision work.  A person working at this job position is required to possess good managerial skills and administrative abilities. To apply for the job position of a restaurant general manager, an applicant […]

Banquet Server Resume Objective

The banquet server resume objective should essentially focus on customer service and interpersonal skills. The hotels provide pre-meal and other guest services to customers during private or social events. This is where communication skills come into service. A banquet server does not simply serve drinks and meals to the guests but they are responsible for […]

Air Hostess Resume Objective

Air hostess resume objective is a career objective statement of an individual who is qualified to become an air hostess and is applying for the job position in an airline. The resume objective statement must be written to define the career goals and objectives of the aspiring air hostess and should also throw light on […]

Tourism Management Resume Objective

An individual who is appointed by a tourism company to look after the overall management of the office is known as a tourism manager. Tourism management takes into consideration the changing tourism trends and then applies its operations and duties to the tourism company staff members. A resume objective written by an aspiring tourism manager […]

Tour Guide Resume Objective

A tour guide is a trained expert who is appointed by a tours and travels company to provide detailed descriptions of history, culture, monuments etc of a place to the traveler and tourists. A tour guide must be knowledgeable about the heritage, culture etc of a place and should have expertise at engaging the tourists. […]

Pastry Chef Resume Objective

A pastry chef resume objective is a resume objective of an individual who is applying for the position of a pastry chef in a bakery or pastry shop. A pastry chef is a chef who specializes in making pastries and cakes and has expertise of baking. If any individual who has specialization in the area […]

Personal Chef Resume Objective

A chef who is hired by a person or a group of people to cook in their homes on a paid basis is known as a personal chef. A personal chef is required to cook as per the preferences or choices of the clients and may be hired to cook food at special occasions such […]

Restaurant Chef Resume Objective

A restaurant chef resume objective is a career goal statement or statement of purpose written by someone who wants to become a chef in a restaurant. This resume objective statement is written in the resume of the applicant and is used to describe his/her goals, objectives, skills, qualifications and details of the working experience. A […]

Sous Chef Resume Objective

‘Sous’ stands for under in French and hence a Sous chef is a chef who works under the head chef in a kitchen of a restaurant or other setting. A Sous chef resume objective is a statement which is written in a resume of a person who is applying for the position of a Sous […]

Private Chef Resume Objective

A private chef resume objective is a resume objective statement of a person who is a trained and qualified chef and is applying for the position of a private chef. Private Chefs generally work for individual clients and prepare food for them on the basis of preplaced requests and preferences. A private chef works in […]