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Fashion Resume Objectives

In recent days, fashion is turning out to be an emerging field as people is getting more concern about their looks. This in turn is compelling them to improve their style statement by the help of the fashion experts. Hence, fashion industry is always in search of potential candidates who can meet the client satisfaction […]

Entry Level Fashion Resume Objective

An entry level fashion resume objective should identify how they want to shape their career in the fashion industry. A passion for fashion design, ability to create modern fashion concepts, skills to market and promote fashionable apparel, bags and accessories, and footwear are the basic requirements for someone looking for an entry level fashion job. […]

Fashion Account Executive Resume Objective

A fashion account executive resume objective should underline how they want to pursue their career goals and what they offer to the organization they are planning to work with. A fashion account executive’s resume should contain not only their educational qualifications but also highlight practical’s and any creative assignment that they have handled during or […]

Fashion Student Resume Objective

A fashion student resume objective should highlight why one wants to enroll for a fashion design or merchandising course, what they are looking to gain from the course, and how it will define their career. An aspiring fashion student needs to stress on “why fashion” more than anything else. The important aspect here is how […]

Fashion Executive Resume Objective

The fashion executive resume objective should focus on how one wants to create their career in the fashion industry.  As a fashion executive, one will need to begin their career in entry level position and slowly grow within the industry vertically as well as laterally. As a fashion executive, one needs to support designers using […]

Fashion Merchandising Resume Objective

The fashion merchandising resume objective provides an insight into the resume of an applicant and highlights what he or she wants to achieve in their career. A fashion merchandising aspirant should possess knowledge as well as experience related to product development, buying and promotion of fashion items, and selling designer clothing, jewelry and other accessories, […]

Fashion Magazine Editor Resume Objective

Fashion Magazine Editor Resume Objective is a written statement which is included in the CV of a person who is applying for a job position of a fashion magazine editor. A Fashion magazine editor is a person who is the main working head of a fashion magazine. He is responsible for supervising the process of […]

Fashion Magazine Photographer Resume Objective

A fashion magazine photographer is a photographer who mainly deals with fashion photography and is hired by a magazine for fashion related photography. This job position may require the photographer to travel and cover fashion shows and conduct shoots. A Fashion Magazine Photographer Resume Objective gives in brief the objective of a person who is […]

Fashion Magazine Writer Resume Objective

Fashion Magazine Writer is a writer who is hired to write about the latest fashion trends or news pieces for a magazine. The work requires the applicant to be updated with each and every important fashion news all around the world and use it to prepare articles for the magazine which he works for. A […]

Fashion Boutique Sales Representative Resume Objective

Fashion Boutique Assistant Resume Objective is a brief statement which is meant to convey the objective of the applicant applying for the post of a Fashion Boutique Assistant. A Fashion Boutique Assistant handles the department of the sales and marketing of a fashion boutique. His work makes him responsible for selling and marketing of the […]