5 tips on writing a resume

A resume is a formal document which is used by an applicant to apply for either a job of an educational course. A resume is a document that contains the details of the applicant’s skills, educational qualifications, areas of expertise and history of previous work experiences. Such documents are generally sent along with application letters to the employer or recruiter and are used to convince him/her of the suitability of the candidate for the job. A resume is an important document and hence it must be framed carefully by paying attention to each of its details. If you wish to frame a good and impressive resume for yourself, then you can refer to the following given 5 tips on writing a resume:

  1. A resume must begin by giving the personal information of the candidate such as his/her name, residential address, contact number, email address, gender etc.
  2. A resume must also consist of a resume objective statement that must define the career goals and aspirations of the applicant. This statement must be able to convey the reason why the applicant wants the job and how the job can help him/her to achieve the goals and objectives.
  3. A resume must also comprise of a section where the educational qualifications and skills of the applicant must be written down. In this section, the name of the educational institutions along with the year of graduation should also be written down.
  4. The next part of a resume should be devoted to giving the work experience details and training details of the candidate. In this part, the name of the company and the period of training or job must be written down.
  5. A resume must also consist of other details about the candidate such as areas of interest and hobbies etc.

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